Posted by: Kara Luker | January 18, 2012

Where waves grow few and far between

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:3


A rare quiet moment

The title of this post was the playful subject of a recent email from my sister, reminding me of the promise I wrote last month to tell more stories. Truth be told, life without employment is far busier than I anticipated. The expectation of some wide open window of time without anything to do has been tempered by the reality that such a time doesn’t exist. But the kids are at school, the dog is sleeping in the sunny spot by the sofa, and the dirty kitchen will wait, so I am seizing the opportunity to get the water moving again.

I’m married. The miraculous nature of this hits me every once in a while, and I stand in speechless awe for a moment or two before carrying on with my day. Some may say it was just a matter of waiting for the right guy, but I know better. Time itself doesn’t heal wounds, change the course of man, or produce any magnificent thing. Rather, it often accomplishes the opposite. It is only touching the Spirit of a mighty God that changes anything. As the song El Shaddai so earnestly states, “To the outcast on her knees, you were the God who always sees. And by your might you set your people free.” It is the sweetest truth I’ve ever known, and makes me cry even to write it.

Many of you know my story. It is not unlike that of the arrogant son in Jesus’ parable who took his rebellion public; a self-righteous outcast whose plans ended in humiliating defeat. Like this son, the only thing I ever did right was to acknowledge my defeat, recognize my need, and turn in the direction of the Father. As I’ve enjoyed this journey with the man I love and joyfully watched our kids playing around together, I’ve become keenly aware that this beautiful time in my life is not the result of some prescribed period of waiting, but of becoming – and remaining – an outcast on my knees and touching the grace and might of a Father who is always waiting at the end of the road with perfect restoration.


  1. Very well put, you touch my heart with your words. God has been and is so good to me and I love Him for bringing me into His house. God bless you and your wonderful new life. I so enjoy reading your stories and experiences.

    • Thank you Patty. Love that phrase, “God has been so good to me and I love Him for bringing me into His house.” So beautifully said!

  2. I’ve missed you – and your profound thoughts that I usually read just after you had written them about 45 feet away. I read about a husband, “kids” and a dog, and I wonder – who is this?

    But then your heart flows out on a river of grace and I recognize Kari. God is faithful, and how fantastic to see it was His faithfulness in you by the Spirit that enabled you to trust His faithful for you.

    BTW, Ben is much messier than you.

    • I’ve missed you too! I keep meaning to catch up with you by email, but you know how things go. Soon.

      Ben is a twenty-something bachelor. Enough said? 🙂

  3. You are so right dear one………we serve a kind, sweet and mighty God who loves us more than we will ever comprehend. All He asks of us is an open, broken, willing heart…….nothing more. I so rejoice at you and John……… love to you both,


  4. Ah yes, an open, broken, willing heart. But how much we need to go through sometimes to get there! But what a worthwhile journey. Our love right back to you and Rich.

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