Posted by: Kara Luker | December 23, 2011

Belize Navidad

Although the Christmas tree across the restaurant is proudly hoisting its angel and flashing its bulbs at me, it is hard to believe that it is nearly Christmas. It’s also still difficult to reconcile that I am in Belize wrapping up my honeymoon… a married woman. My dreams last night belied the fear that something didn’t “take” the first time and we would have to have a wedding do-over. But, despite the fact that at our actual wedding I forgot to bring the cake decorations and John’s wedding ring (oops), couldn’t get the parking permits for our guests, and realized after-the-fact that we never started our playlist for the reception, there is no question that the wedding “took” and that we are, indeed, married. Ahhh. What a relief. And what an absolutely magical day it was. Surrounded by a vibrant sea and the people we love, covered by the warmth of the sun and the blessing of a gracious God, we spoke our vows and committed our lives to each other. Now here we are, two weeks into the journey, heading home to start the next leg of “real life” together and ready to enjoy what is arguably the best Christmas ever. Love and blessings to you this Christmas. More stories to come… Mrs. Kara Luker



  1. We could not be happier for the both of you! It was a lovely wedding and nothing was missed by anyone! Love to you both………….

    • It was great to see you there! Thank you so much for coming. Hope to see you soon… when we can actually have a conversation. Much love, Kara

  2. We are sorry that we could not be at your wedding. Our best wishes to you as you start your new life together. Joe & Naomi Wheeler (OCRM folks)

    • Thank you Naomi! It was a beautiful day and a perfect start to marriage. Our best to you both. Kara (and John)

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