Posted by: Kara Luker | November 7, 2018

True perspective

I was listening to a worship song on my walk today. It says over and over “to worship you I live;” words that washed over me with my true purpose on this earth and one that can be fulfilled today and every day of my life, no matter where it leads. About 10 minutes in, the male singer with the heavenly voice takes over and eventually, in perfect harmony, lands on the words “we lift you higher.” What a powerful reminder that was to me today.

It is easy to put our troubles beneath a microscope, observing them keenly through a magnified perspective while keeping our other eye closed to the immense provision that surrounds us. It’s not that our problems are small. Believe me, I know this. We live in a fallen world with evil on the loose and we are facing some huge and daunting things. But the love and power of God is so great; so immense, that it dwarfs them all. There is nothing that can retain its “too big” status when set next to Him and all that He has provided for us.

So we can lift our heads today and open the eyes of our hearts as we survey all He has given; as we shift our focus from our struggles to Him. We can lift Him higher by worshipping Him, declaring that He is bigger and stronger than all we are facing. As we do, we will see our troubles in true perspective – no match for this God we serve.

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