Posted by: Kara Luker | January 9, 2018

Chase’s Big Mountain

RocksAt the end of the walking trail by our house are a few large rocks which provide a perfect place for Chase to snack and play before turning around for the second half of our trek. Last week he became particularly curious about the small hill and storm drain that lie just beyond his dusty playground. I offered to explore it with him but to my extremely cautious son it looked like a treacherous cliff that should not be explored – at least not by the likes of him.

At the Top

So I sauntered down myself to have a look around. I could see from the corner of my eye that he was was watching me keenly. The moment I returned, having realized that I didn’t lose my life or even a limb, he asked if he could go down with me. Holding hands firmly, we wandered down to explore the large cement arches, now empty and dry, that channel rain on the rare occasion we get any. He wondered aloud what would happen if he got stuck in one and I couldn’t help but smile at his worst-case-scenario thinking. I told him we would work it out.

When the exploring was done, Chase decided he wanted to climb up by himself and asked with childlike innocence, “Mom, if I fall will you catch me?” It took my breath away to know that he trusts me like that. Satisfied with my assurance, he bravely marched up the hill that only minutes before looked to him like a fierce mountain.

Chase's mountain

It was undeniably magical to explore with my son on this warm California day and see his fear transform into courage, an experience I’ve already tucked away in my happy memories file. But it impacted me beyond that because it gave me such a picture of the way the Lord faces life with me.

He doesn’t roll his eyes or belittle me when the hills or valleys look to me like impassable peaks or perilous depths, nor does He bark at me to man up and march forward. He understands my inexperience and fear, and calls me into courage by showing me the way. There’s not a single path He’s asked me to take that He hasn’t walked first, and there’s not a danger lurking that He isn’t already aware of – and able to overcome.

I’ve never had a greater jolt of confidence in the middle of an overwhelming circumstance than when I realize that He knows the entirety of the situation (not the little sliver of a view that I have) and He is not worried. I repeat: He. is. not. worried. He doesn’t see a hopeless situation. Ever. He sees an adventure; obstacles that we can tackle together. All He is waiting for is my hand in His so he can lead the way.

…because this isn’t just about God’s help to get through the hard places, grow me up or strengthen my muscles so I can climb bigger mountains. This is about relationship. It is magical for my Dad to explore with me! It delights Him to see my desire stoked to step into adventure with Him, and to see my vision transformed from daunting to doable by His presence on my path. I cannot imagine how great His joy is when I run ahead and call out, “Dad, if I fall will you catch me?” The answer, of course, is yes. Always yes. With a twinkle in His eye and deep pride in His heart.

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