Posted by: Kara Luker | May 27, 2011

A new space

“Don’t remember these earlier events; don’t recall these former events. Look, I am about to do something new. now it begins to happen! Do you not recognize it? ” Isaiah 43: 18-19

Self-portrait in the Amtrak bathroom

I am sitting in the 30th Street Amtrak Station in Philly with a large latte, a burned tongue, and a sense of awe at all the past week contained. As my new friend, Jacinta, said in her distinct African accent several times this week, “God is good… all of the time.” He was good when I was present and joyful with remarkable people from around the world, worshiping the God I love each morning, learning more of how and why my organization helps the poor. He was equally good when I was overwhelmed by doubt, fear, and a consuming sense of failure over things past; when the floodgates of my eyes opened up and couldn’t be shut again.

I’m not particularly fond of seeing my weakness and wonder from a very proud part of my being if skipping this work retreat would have kept it nicely buried. But then I wouldn’t have been with Jacinta when she picked out a wedding dress for her June wedding in Congo.  Or received the kindness of Chris, a coworker from Atlanta, when my emotions got the better of me. Or laughed with Pastor Jun from the Philippines on our bus trip to the mall.  Or witnessed firsthand the ridiculously artful skit of the interns who had the rest of us beat before we’d even started. And I wouldn’t have experienced the great love of everyone back home covering my world there with grace. Yes, it was a good week. And God was in every single bit of it.

Here I am now, in this grand echoing train station, transitioning into the next leg of the journey with my sweet sister in Maryland… and into a greater level of trust in this faithful God who clothes my weakness with his strength. So I’m going to take my peace, hop on this train, and go forward with a whole lotta joy. Because God is good… all of the time.


  1. Yes and yes! The sun is out today and I do feel how the goodness of God comes nearer. God is good, all of the time. Amen.

  2. How’s the tongue?

    • Fully recovered…. thanks 🙂

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