Posted by: Kara Luker | August 25, 2020

The wondrous shape of the wind

Audio Version:

The home we moved into last year had been remodeled a couple years before so thankfully there wasn’t much work to be done. But in the big wall at the end of our wide open living space were two tiny little windows that allowed scant light, no view of the yard beyond and barely a whisper of the magnificent breeze that blows through our yard from the distant coast. 

Our plan wasn’t just to install bigger windows, but to bust down most of the wall and replace it with a sliding glass door. With the reasonable labor of a friend and a discounted door through my uncle, we were able to tackle the project fairly quickly. The result was dramatic. Not only did it improve the view, allowing us to see the pool and yard, but it let in a significant amount of light and changed the whole atmosphere of our living space. And, of course, it gave us abundant access to that magical breeze. 

Not too much later, we put up a big curtain rod with some thick drapes to provide privacy if needed. When John suggested some sheer drapes for the smaller second part of the rod, I dashed off to Bed, Bath & Beyond and spent $20 on what is arguably my favorite part of the house. Because now, not only can I feel the wind blowing through the wide expanse of the door, but I can see the shape of its movement as it catches the folds of fabric… lifting them, filling them, making them leap, dance, pause and fly. I could honestly watch it for hours. I’ve only used the thick drapes once, but nearly every time I open the door, I draw the sheer ones to experience the wondrous shape of the wind.

When I was delighting in one such moment, I couldn’t help but see the parallel to the Holy Spirit  – a beautiful, enchanting wind that blows God’s heart through our lives and into the whole earth. Carried upon this Wind is all that we crave – hope, joy, delight, comfort; a tangible, extremely personal experience of the living God who might otherwise feel distant or unknowable. When this grace-bearing Spirit blows through the doorways of our lives, we experience the love of God with all its renewing, refreshing, life-giving benefits and we take the shape of that love as we move in a way that visibly, surprisingly, exquisitely demonstrates who God is. This is how we are transformed. This is how the world is changed. Not by trying to be good people or finding a cause to fight for, but by giving God access to our lives through His Spirit and letting Him move uniquely through us; accomplishing His extraordinary purposes as we joyfully follow His lead.

If we haven’t experienced Him in this way, it’s possible that the view of what lies beyond our immediate environment and understanding has been impeded by tiny little windows that allow only a breath of light or breeze to enter, or maybe even solid walls that allow nothing in at all. If that’s the case, it’s nothing to be daunted by. The cost of construction has already been paid; the expansion plans already drawn up. All it takes is willingness… “I want more than my current measure. I need more than what I am now experiencing. Lord, bust down these walls and show me who you are.” What an exciting adventure to undertake as we see beyond our current boundaries and the whole atmosphere of our lives is changed; as we allow this wind to fill us again and again, causing us to leap, dance, pause and fly….

The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit. John 3:8


  1. Beautiful, Kara! It’s so good to read your encouraging words again.

    • Thank you, beautiful Kim!! It is such a joy to be writing again 😊

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