Posted by: Kara Luker | September 26, 2018

Hope for healing

I am under no illusion that time is capable of healing much of anything. I’ve witnessed the opposite too often to have any faith in it. But God is capable of healing the worst a human heart can experience. It’s the heartbeat of His Word; His relentless love on display. At times it may not feel true, but what is true is that no damage is too devastating, no pain too deep, no person too far gone for God to heal. This is the framework of hope that I am standing in and sheltered by. I know too much of the great love and power of this God I serve to believe for anything less than a complete healing of my heart and my life from the loss of my son. My future is in the hands of the Creator of new beginnings. It is full of joy. And you’d better believe that every ounce of abundant life that is given so freely to me will be held out in these hands to share with those in need.


Healer of the Nations by Aeron Brown

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