Posted by: Kara Luker | September 12, 2018

The soil of His kingdom


At some point last month, a picture emerged in my mind. It was of satan smearing his foulest, smelliest feces all over our lives in an attempt to make us feel defiled, ashamed and abandoned; but even more so to conceal the image of God in us – the reflection he detests; the one that reminds him of his immutable defeat. His intentions are always to steal, kill and destroy. If he is unable to take us out, you’d better believe that he will do his best to steal our hope and destroy our identity as beloved kids of the most high God. The truth is that our hope and identity are secure in Christ and can’t be robbed or even touched, but if satan can convince us otherwise, we will live as plundered, defeated people with a muddied reflection. He does not play fair, he shows no mercy and he does not usually reveal himself in the process so we are often left reeling from life’s hardships with an oppressive discouragement that leaves us weak, confused and often tempted to remain – or even roll around – in the stinking pile of crap, as though it is our portion.

But let me speak loud and clear: IT IS NOT OUR PORTION. Our portion is the unfathomable love of Jesus Christ who made a way through every assault of the enemy – no matter how lowdown and dirty it is – and into the new life of resurrection. Every single time. In every single circumstance. The Bible tells us, “In this world you will have trouble.” I don’t know many who doubt that. We all have trials. Hard times come. But we often forget the truth that follows: “But take heart! I have overcome the world.” 

The enemy tried hard to take my life when I was younger – not only to destroy me and snuff out my light, but also to steal the hope of those who loved me deeply. He failed. So he worked hard to take my son’s life for the very same reasons (originality is not his strong suit). While I’m sure he felt exultant when Cole took his own life, his “success” only served to deliver this precious boy into the arms of Jesus where his life has been secured for all of eternity. And, while our hearts have ached at the loss, our hope is greater than ever because of the other part of the picture I saw, which is that God uses all the smelly crap we are smothered with as the richest fertilizer to grow a verdant garden that reflects – with immense clarity – the beautiful, powerful, redemptive God we love and serve. Because that’s how He rolls. Not just picking us up and washing us off, but using what was intended to destroy and defile us to impart to us His abundant life.


Because of this, people who crave hope will see this Love and Life on display, and they too will want the Jesus who grows it so fruitfully it in the midst of such hardship. So the loss of Cole’s life in this way and at this time means that the lives of countless others, who might have otherwise experienced eternal separation from God, will instead be delivered to heaven’s doorstep for a glorious reunion with Cole and all God’s people. Pretty much an epic fail on satan’s part, if you ask me.

I don’t know what hard or impossible circumstances you are up against, but I want to encourage you to take heart, for He has overcome! Your struggle is not the end of the story anymore than seeds planted beneath fertile soil are an end. Yes, they experience a death as they are cracked open in the darkness, but it is only so that new life can be pushed out and grow to great heights, producing more seeds which will bring forth more life. It is no small thing to trust in that dark place… but what a worthwhile surrender it will be!

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Genesis 50:20


  1. Kara, Thank you for your transparency at this time of your life. Your story is beyond inspiring. It’s life-giving. There’s no doubt that the living God is in you. Thank you for sharing the good news of God’s love and how it has enabled you to speak with certainty that Cole’s death is not the last word. It’s more like, “Death swallowed up by triumphant life…….”. You are a precious jewel. I thank God for you.

    • Kim, Your comment just breathed so much Jesus life into me. “Death swallowed up by triumphant life”….. yes and amen! With so much love and thanks, Kara

  2. Kari I’m speechless and brought to tears at the reality and power of your words. They are tears of hope for the hopeless and they have declared truth over me today too. Bless you friend. In the rich presence of Jesus praying.

    • Pete, I can’t tell you how much that blesses me. Thank you my friend. Praying alongside you. So much love, Kari

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