Posted by: Kara Luker | April 18, 2018

Turning toward Home

I have one of those fairly dramatic prodigal son stories, spending my freedom and inheritance on rebellion and self-destruction before turning my weary, broken body and empty pockets in the direction of Home where my heavenly Father stood watching and waiting for me. We celebrated together so joyfully, I knew then and there that I would forevermore be a faithful daughter under the roof of my loving Dad.

Except I haven’t been. Because time and time again, I’ve been lured away by lies – some small, some big – and the world’s promises to give me freedom apart from His provision. Though I’ve never again strayed so far or stayed gone so long, I’ve still turned toward empty counterfeits of the sweetest love I’ve ever known.

But do you know what? It’s not a failure I regret because it means I’ve gotten to live the love story over and over, running back home into the open arms of my Daddy who never tires of receiving me and rejoicing over my return. The joy I find there grows deeper each time and makes me never want to leave again; but if I do, I know the moment I choose to humble myself and turn toward home, I will see the unrelenting kindness in His eyes as He runs up the road to embrace me.

This story is for you too… whether you have been the son who squandered your inheritance and ended up in the pig pen, or the son who never left but never knew joy with the Father… whether you are coming home for the first time, or what might feel like the shame-ridden millionth time… whether you are lost and tangled in your sin and rebellion, or are simply believing something untrue. I can’t encourage you enough to turn in the direction of Home where you too will see that unrelenting kindness as your Father runs to embrace you and cover you, His beloved child, with His unwavering, heart-changing love.


If you have a chance, please give this song a listen. Won’t Stop Kissing by Aeron Brown




  1. Love this. Yours is a beautiful story

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    • Thanks Nelle! What I love best is that our stories keep getting more beautiful 🙂

  2. This is so beautiful!!! So pure. Thank you for sharing it because the truth in it is so powerful and inviting

    • Powerful and inviting is a good thing – thank you!!

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