Posted by: Kara Luker | October 19, 2017

Because I’m your kid

Our five year old, Chase, is an amazing kid. He is creative and fun, smart and affectionate, and a total and complete character. But he has some other qualities that make him harder to like on some days. His opinions are absolute, his will is made of steel and it seems as though the world will end if life is not lived on his terms. To be honest, there have been times when his tantrums over something like putting on shoes or eating a single kernel of corn have turned into growling, drooling, writhing fits that made me think he might be, I don’t know, possessed.

He has often asked me why I love him when he can be so very bad (self-awareness is another of his better traits). The answer is always the same: “Because you’re my kid.” There are lots of things I love about him and I try to share those with him on a regular basis because it’s wildly delightful to be affirmed. But those aren’t the reasons I love him. If they were, when his best parts weren’t shining brightly, he would always be at risk of losing my love. The real, true reason I love him is because of the unchangeable fact that he is my son.

Before he was even born, my heart stretched to create a space that fits him alone; a very special, very particular spot that will be his and no one else’s, always and forever – no matter what he chooses, how he behaves, what he believes or whether he is able to love me back. I can only hope that reality sinks so deeply into his heart that despite the storms that will come in his life, he can always return to his identity as one who is loved and can live with increasing freedom out of that identity.

That said, I’m human and no matter how good my intentions, am totally imperfect in the way I love. But God, oh my good God, loves with perfect purity and selflessness every moment of every day, with a “Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.”* For no other reason than that we are His kids. When He conceived each one of us, His heart was stretched to create a space that no other person on this earth can fill. His love will not wane – no matter what we choose, how we behave, what we believe or whether we are able to love Him back. Because it comes from our unchangeable position as His sons and daughters.

When we start to wrap our understanding around the deep security of that position, we can lay down our striving to become acceptable enough to be loved and instead live out of the identity of one who is loved. It changes everything. There is no end to the freedom, the joy and the beauty that will result. Because kids who know they are loved can’t help but go out and love others.

When I asked Chase this morning if he knows why I love him, he said, “because I’m your kid.” My prayer is that when God asks us that same question, our heart’s reply would not be “because of how we act” but “because of who we are”… kids of our perfect Dad.


*From the Jesus Storybook Bible, which I highly recommend.


  1. Sweet Kara…..this was a perfect description of a mom’s and God’s heart……thank you

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