Posted by: Kara Luker | March 9, 2011

So close yet so far

An alluring view

Do you remember that first hike I took with John? It was so hot that day and we arrived at the top with red faces and sweat pouring down. Our spot on the hilltop provided a clear and expansive view of the ocean, but no access to approach it. We wanted so much to dive in. Instead, we just had to look and imagine what it would be like to be refreshed by the cool water… before turning our backs to the ocean, drinking a few sips from the drinking fountain, and hiking back down to where we started. As we descended, the trees provided shade that cooled and energized our bodies. Beautiful fragrances were released into the air. It was sweet and lovely. But not nearly as satisfying as it would have been to dive into the fresh waves of that wild sea.

Can I tell you how very much I feel like this right now? It’s as though I am standing on that hilltop with a vista before me that is calling me to dive in, splash around, and be cooled. But it’s inaccessible and all I can do is admire it from here and trust that at some point I will be on the seashore with my toes in the sand and not a single thing between me and the waves.


  1. I feel the same way. Except the thing keeping me from the sand and ocean is not a hiking trail, it’s my job. Oh well.

    • We just need to sprout some wings and fly over these obstacles keeping us from the fresh wild sea!!

  2. Kara is this a metaphor for something? That something else is holding you back?

    • Me? Use a metaphor instead of saying something directly? Unheard of!

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