Posted by: Kara Luker | January 26, 2011

Happy sounds from the heart

Happy and peaceful...

First of all, I would like to welcome my beautiful niece, Katherine Noel, to this great big world full of people who love her and people who are yet to love her. If she weren’t across the country, I would go to the hospital and wrap my arms around her little body and hold her tightly. And I would smile with radiant pride at being connected to this splendid little creature.  I would hug my sister and declare to her my admiration of her selflessness and courage as a mom and wife, and to her husband, Gino, my appreciation of the way he lays down his life for his growing family. Elisabeth and Katherine are luckier than they yet know.

Next, I would like to tell you that today was glorious. Can’t tell you exactly why, except that this familiar strength rose up inside me… the fire of God or the life of God, or some other aspect of God that is good and powerful. I felt clear and sharp and full of hope. [Insert exuberantly happy sighs.] Now I know I spent much of yesterday’s post declaring how misleading emotions can be.  I stand by that. But something else I know is that when I put God where he belongs  – on the throne of me – my emotions tend to follow his lead and wind up in some really great places. There’s a proper order to these things, you know?

Okay, I am sparing you the detailed paragraph I started writing about the rest of my day. Feel glad. But know that it was satisfying. I worked out, listened to a sermon, cooked (holy wow, it was good), and enjoyed my son. We both had a happy trip to our brilliant chiropractor friend who happens to be covered in full by our brand new health insurance. I played piano and talked to my brother. I’m writing my blog, which you know I enjoy. And, hey, my body didn’t even ask for sugar today. It seemed perfectly content with the banana it got at snack time. Who knew that was possible? So much for sparing you the details.

I feel joyful. Not because of any of these things but because today I chose to believe that God is good. My mind is still and my heart is at peace. Blessings to all for the same.


  1. Many CONGRATULATIONS and blessings to Karen and Gino and Elisabeth! New life fills us so full. Blessings to all the family!!

    • Such treasures they are. I will pass along the blessings!!

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